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Business Development

Canadian Re*born Immigration Consulting Inc.
Toronto - ON

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Immigration consulting company dedicated to advising with permanent or temporal residence

Quinoa Based Jam Oyanna
Santa Cruz - Bolivia


Delicious and never seen jam based in the ancestral gold grain from the Andes, Quinoa. Delivering a different presentation of the product using a very old family-owned recipe and company.

Analyzing options to start importing to Canada

Easy Waste Inc.

Toronto - ON

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Currently developing a business idea referred to managing a garbage compaction system for all kinds of waste, including construction and commercial.

Chocolat "Aura"

Moncton - NB


Tempered up beautiful artisanal chocolates. Produced one of the most delicate and unique chocolate-covered dulce -de-leche filled prunes. A big sensation on street and farm markets.

Chocolates Ruah
La Paz - Bolivia


Chocolate with a very innovative flavours. Great presentation of the product. Analyzing options to start importing to Canada

Welcome U

Toronto - ON

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 6.24.41 PM.png

Developing a business idea referred to help and assist newcomers in Canada in the settlement process. Start  operations partially on December/2021 to test the market and services

NB Quinoa

Moncton - NB


Facilitates trades of quinoa between the Canadian market and Bolivian producers. 

Currently, the company is "on hold" due to severe economic and political problems over there.

Restaurant "La casa de los paceños"

La Paz - Bolivia

Logo resta.jpeg

La Paz - Bolivia. Weel-established chain of three famous restaurants, exuded a quiet confidence, reflecting their commitment to culinary excellence and inspired service. Authentic and traditional Bolivian food, combined country charm with contemporary sophistication and style. Recognized restaurants at the national and international levels.

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