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Serenity Business Facilitators Inc. (SBFI) aims to invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable business and investments, driven by integrity and honesty and committed to fairness in all dealings with its stakeholders. Their mission is to established goals to build stakeholder value, helping them to clearly identify their objectives and to assist them in achieving these objectives by offering a variety of solutions.


The Serenity Business Facilitators Inc. (SBFI) vision is to become an industry leader in performance and professionalism by adding value to their clients and investment partners, all while keeping an eye on making a positive impact on their community.



SBFI’s vision of success strongly includes honor and integrity. They have dedicated the highest moral standards in all practices.


Passion for Success

Client satisfaction is paramount to SBFI and in so, they strive for excellence. With equal urgency and dedication, they remain diligent and proactive through each project to insure success!


Respect for People and Laws

Loyalty, respect and cultivating trust are the hallmarks of SBFI.  They are committed to doing things right, which includes; maintaining organizational structures, working to realize shared goals and adhering to the laws of the land, so their clients don’t face surprised in the future

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